Chennelume Outdoor Signage Dubai

Сhannelume outdoor signage is a popular way of attracting the attention of the clients and emphasizing an image of a company. Devoid of excessive glare and visual brawling, it does exactly what it was planned for: representing your company.


This kind of outdoor signage will be suitable for companies that think primarily about asserting themselves as serious and reliable, and its design fulfills this role perfectly. Each letter in the signage is made out of high-grade aluminum, bent by precision-guided machines into form. You can choose different styles and fonts for your order.


Numerous benefits of this kind of signage include high reliability and weather resistance: profiled aluminum can take quite a punishment without losing its appearance. In case you ever need to make repairs for this signage, each letter can be easily replaced without removing the whole sign, saving valuable time and resources for its owner.


We respect our customers and value your image, and that is the reason why we perform each step of the design and manufacturing processes ourselves and do not outsource it to third parties. This way you can be sure that your signage will be made by a responsible and experienced team of professionals. The manufacturing process in our company is almost completely automatized, with a leading expert supervising the whole spectrum of operations, always aware of every detail, so you can stay informed and have a possibility to clarify any point you want.


If you decide that the channelume outdoor signage is the way you want your company to be represented – please, do not hesitate to contact us, we would be happy to answer any questions regarding our activities and production and to discuss numerous options and possibilities that you might want to implement in your own signage.

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