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Our Team

Our Facility

Stainless steel Laser cut Machine

  1. Laser cutting Machine. size: 4/8
  2. Shearing Machine
  3. Bending Machine
  4. Arc Welding Machines
  5. MIG Welding Machines
  6. CNC Routers size 4/8
  7. Digital Printing Machines
  8. Vinyl CNC Plotter
  9. Grooving Machine
  10. Plasma Cutting Machine
  11. Gas cutting/Welding etc.
  12. Etching Machine

Acrylic Laser cut Machine

CNC- Router 3D cut Machine

Our Mission

The main goal of our company to produce e ective signage to customer.
Our primary focus is the provision of indoor and outdoor signage design retail chain stores.
We offer a huge range of advertising products for indoor and outdoor signage and information is constantly developing and producing new single models or entire original series.
We have a production base (4000 sq.f.) In UAE Dubai, equipped with its own modern equipment, which employs experienced professionals that ensures a high level of product quality.
The pricing policy of our company is very reasonable. Compared with our competitors, we try to keep a fairly low prices without compromising the quality of our products.

There are five of the most important requirements for outdoor advertising:

1) Often out of sight.
2) To attract attention to himself.
3) Be concise.
4) It is easily perceived on the go.
5) To be understandable to a mass audience.